File Server

Highly-reliable file server allowing thousands of simultaneous connections

Enterprise ZFS NAS features a dual active-active controller architecture to ensure businesses with nearly zero downtime high availability. With the built-in 10GbE ports, users can immediately enjoy high-speed data transmission without purchasing an additional NIC. The system is also extremely dependable and capable of handling thousands of concurrent transfer sessions without issue.

  • Remote snapshot

    The block-based SnapSync can replicate snapshots to remote servers.

  • Point-in-time

    The QES operating system supports 65,536 snapshots for a single LUN or shared folder.

  • Easy-to-use

    The QES operating system continues the user-friendly design on the QTS operating system.



Outstanding business storage for comprehensive virtualization applications

QNAP integrated the FreeBSD kernel and ZFS file system to develop the brand-new QES operating system, which is perfectly suited for high-end enterprise applications. More highly-anticipated features include in-line data compression, block-level data deduplication and more. All of these powerful functions realizes greater storage utilization efficiency for virtualization applications.

  • Storage

    Enterprise ZFS NAS supports include in-line data compression, near-limitless snapshots, SnapSync, thin provisioning with reclaim, and block-level data deduplication.

  • Array-based

    Enterprise ZFS NAS fully supports VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM), provides Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for SRM.

  • Perfect for virtualization environments

    Enterprise ZFS NAS supports not only VMware vSphere Plug-in, SCVMM SMI-S Plug-in, VMware Block/NAS VAAI for virtualization environments.



Efficient and reliable VDI platform and storage

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) implementation has become a mainstream choice for desktop virtualization. There can be over 90% duplicate data from OS images and applications that are spread over virtual desktops. Enterprise ZFS NAS supports block-based data deduplication to optimize storage usage from redundant data, effectively saving TCO of businesses on storage devices.

  • Dual controller

    Enterprise ZFS NAS is built with symmetric, dual active-active controllers. If one controller breaks down, the standby controller will quickly take over to eliminate downtime

  • SSD read cache and write acceleration in NVRAM (ZIL)

    The NVRAM dedicated to the ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) provides industry-leading random access performance to benefit VDI performance and stability.

  • Data deduplication eliminates redundant data

    Enterprise ZFS NAS supports block-based data deduplication to optimize storage usage from redundant data



High-performance, trustworthy backup solution

Enterprise ZFS NAS supports up to 65,536 snapshots for iSCSI LUN and shared folders. When executing a remote snapshot backup, it only needs to transfer changed data, and can use deduplication and compression to significantly reduce the amount of transferred data. Enterprise ZFS NAS can provide SnapSync remote backup for snapshots at the shortest interval of every 5 minutes, fully supports VMware vCenter Site Recovery (SRM) technology and provides enterprise-class remote backup & disaster recovery solution to fulfill business continuity. Enterprise ZFS NAS also supports file-based rsync that takes snapshots of the volume before starting replication and then backs up snapshots to a remote server. This greatly enhances data integrity.


Video Editing

Optimized NAS solution for video studios and video streaming workflows

Professional video and television studios split up work into different teams and emphasize efficiency. In these environments, smooth workflows play a crucial role in their fast-paced business. Enterprise ZFS NAS delivers nearly zero downtime high availability to ensure non-stop, continuous work.

  • DRAM Write Cache

    Enterprise ZFS NAS features DRAM Write Cache with dedicated battery backup unit and SSD cache acceleration that effectively boosts random read/write performance

  • Self-healing

    QES supports self-healing and uses end-to-end checksums to detect and correct silent data corruption to ensure data integrity.

  • Storage expansion

    Enterprise ZFS NAS can be easily scaled up to over 500TB per storage pool with storage expansion units (EJ1600 / EJ1600 v2),